Physical education classes at home

Physical education at home

Course Advantages

Curriculum advantages

International vision, Fei Yue straight at your home. In 45 minutes, the coach will take you to exercise and grow. Are you ready?


1-4 people per class

Enhancing communication and expression


English PE teachers

Online Classes

Online Course Sports Set

Online course sports bag

Effectively improve physical fitness ability, promote bone growth, and healthy growth of the seven major personalities

Exclusive customized courses

Develop a reasonable exercise course according to the actual situation of children.

After-class guidance

Online guidance and service on daily training and growth issues

Timed Tracking

Always keep track of children’s situation

Teaching in smaller classes

Small class teachingg

1on1 private class

1on1 customized private tutoring class can independently carry out physical training such as speed, strength and endurance according to children's characteristics; as well as targeted exercise behavior correction, individual exercise strengthening, etc.

Boutique 2-4-person class

Customized boutique small classes. During class, the coach will guide each student longer and more accurately, allowing children to grow faster. At the same time, they can also better explore the child's sports trengths.

Best-selling class for 5-8 people

Multiple children in the same class participate together, improve teamwork ability faster, expand more projects, and promote people in children's cooperation and communication.