How we are different

We are different

Straight to your doorstep

Door to door

Coaches straight to your doorstep, safe and reliable, allowing parents to be worryfree

Course professionality

Course major

We customize physical fitness courses according to the 7 personalities to help children develop in an all rounded way


Small class teaching

With smaller classes and one on one teaching, a better teaching effect is achieved

Physical Test improvement

Body test promotion

Let children exercise happily while also meeting schools’ physical test standards, hitting two birds with one stone

VIP customization

VIP customization

Professional coach with exclusive customization and VIP courses

Our courses

Our courses

Face to face Physical Education

Offline Physical Education

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Online Live lessons

Offline Physical Education

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Customized VIP Courses

VIP customized course

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Adolescent Summer Camp

Yue Youth Summer Camp

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Strict Selection of Chinese and Western teachers

Strict selection of teachers and the combination of Chinese and Western

The Feiyue Growth Curriculum Design Team is composed of the chief consultant, Professor Wang Wei, who graduated from the University of Melbourne with a master’s degree in education, Lin Jiexiong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Physical Education, Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education, and Lin Yue, who graduated from the School of Physical Education, Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education. The coaching team graduated from professional colleges, with srict qualification examination and pre-employment

Lin Yue
Hu Sijie
Chen Wencan
Luo Xinming
Zheng Jiajun
Luo Xiaoqi
Liu Xiong
Tian Tao