We are FeiYue.

Feiyue is a cutting-edge Internet sports platform with an international vision, professional courses, scientific and technological innovation and care for growth. It is a science and technology innovation brand stationed in Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Dream Workshop in Qianhai (Greater Bay Area), Shenzhen. At the same time, Feiyue has also set up an Asian (international) teaching and training center in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Caring for the healthy growth of children and adolescents” is a leaping mission. It provides children and adolescents with comprehensive physical fitness training services such as video courses, online live broadcasts, offline sports classes, outdoor activities, and international study tours. At the same time, it provides scientific and substantive reference indicators for children and adolescents in the evaluation of their studies at all levels.

Feiyue has an excellent team of senior Chinese and Western consultants and teachers around the world. The Department of Education of the University of Melbourne, the National Sports University of Thailand, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and more than a dozen international institutions, as well as the Beijing Institute of Physical Education and Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education, lead many Chinese and foreign professional coaching teams from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil and China to integrate Chinese and Western education. The concept and model, with innovative curriculum design and form, through online sports live (English and Chinese) and offline classes on the doorstep, outdoor sports jumping teenagers, winter and summer camp study tours at home and abroad, from “sports habits”, “healthy vitality”, “courage and responsibility”, ” Self-confidence and perseverance, “teamwork”, “broadening horizons” and “social order” are seven latitudes to cultivate the balanced development of children and adolescents in an all-round way.

Feiyue allows children and adolescents at different stages of growth not only improve their physical fitness and athletic ability, but also expand their horizons. While harvesting happiness and health, they gradually develop good qualities such as kindness, health, order, self-confidence, courage, perseverance and cooperation. Play a positive role in guiding children and adolescents in the development stage of personality formation.

Let every children become a sunshine youth and grow up happily!

Development Process

Our Slogan!

Sunshine Youth, grow up happily!

Our Mission

Cultivate sunshine youth with an international vision, excellent personality and a healthy physique.

Our Values

Innovate and grow together.

Our Aim

Through comprehensive and diverse health and sports activities, students can improve their physical fitness, health awareness and personality quality of themselves and others. Through well-planned outdoor sports, children and adolescents are provided with modern, targeted, challenging and pleasant experience courses to help students strengthen their bodies step by step and happily. While acquiring knowledge and skills about health and sports, enhance self-awareness, learn to establish and manage satisfactory collaborative relationships, and encourage and help children develop perseverance and perseverance from an early age, so that they can learn how to judge emergencies, make decisions and act in time in sports activities. Through effective communication in the pre, middle and post-stage stages of physical activity, children and adolescents can establish a sense of responsibility for their own behavior and others. Helping children and adolescents gradually understand the healthy lifestyle of individuals not only has a far-reaching impact on themselves, but also has important social value to their group.

Business introduction

Home physical education class for 3-15 years old

The coach teaches door-to-door, and you can take physical education classes when you go downstairs. Including: children’s physical fitness, school sports, ball sports, fancy rope skipping, high school entrance examination physical education and other customized sports courses; customized exclusive senior high school courses.

Online physical education class for 3-15 years old

Including Chinese and English sports video live courses, online small class sports live, online teaching videos and other online physical education courses.

Young people’s outdoor activities

Including weekends, holiday activities, child activities, exploring growth, winter and summer camps, international study tours and other outdoor sports for teenagers.

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