Physical Education Class at Home





Online Course Sports Package

Effectively improve physical fitness ability, promote bone growth, and healthy growth of seven personalities

Exclusive customized courses

Develop reasonable sports courses according to the actual situation of children.

After-school guidance

Online guidance and service for daily training and growth issues

Time to Test

Keep Abreast of children’s class

Small Class Teaching

1 By 1
Private Tutoring Class

1 by 1 customized private teaching course

You can individually carry out physical training such as speed, strength and endurance according to the characteristics of children; as well as targeted exercise behavior correction, individual exercise strengthening, etc.

Boutique class for 2-4 kids

Customized boutique small class teaching

In class, the coach guides each student longer and more accurately, and the child grows faster. At the same time, he can better explore the child’s sports strengths.

Appointment Process For Online Class

Fill in Basic Information

Contact the head teacher to confirm

Attend The Class

Make An Appointment

Make An Appointment