Established Fei Yue
Enters the QianhaiShenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Dream Workshop, and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Entrepreneauship Market
Held the first parent-child fun sports meetings at QianhaiShenzhenHong Kong Youth Dream Workshop
Successfully held a youth charity trip and a physical and mental health sports meeting (Guided by the communist Youth League 12355)
Fei Yue Physical Fitness Course entered a kindergarten in Nanshan
Successfully held the first Fei Yue summer camp
Fei Yue Basketball course enters the second class of Affiliated Middle School of Shenzhen Beijing Normal University
Fei Yue (Asia) Co., Ltd. was officially established in Bangkok, Thailand

We are Fei Yue

We are growing by leaps and bounds

Fei Yue is a cutting-edge Internet sports platform with an international vision, professional courses, technological innovation, and growth care; we are a science and technology brand that has settled in Shenzhen Qianhai (Greater Bay Area) Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Dream Workshop. At the same time, Fei Yue is also an Asian (International) Education and Training Center which has been established in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Caring for the health and growth of children and adolescents” is the constant mission of Fei Yue. Fei Yue is committed to the development of physical and mental health and comprehensive quality of children and adolescents in the process of growth, and provides video courses, online live broadcasts, and face to face exercise classes for children and adolescents. We also provide outdoor activities, and international study tours and other comprehensive sports quality training services, and at the same time provide scientific and substantive reference indicators for children and adolescents in the evaluation of education at all levels.

Fei Yue has an excellent team of senior Chinese and Western consultants and teachers in the world. The Department of Education of the University of Melbourne, the National Sports University of Thailand, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and more than a dozen international institutions, as well as the domestic curriculum advisory group composed of Beijing Sports Institute and Guangzhou Sports Institute, led many students from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Brazil and China. The professional coaching team of Chinese and foreign countries integrates Chinese and Western educational concepts and models, with innovative curriculum design and forms, through online (English and Chinese) and offline classes at home, outdoor sports jumping for teenagers, domestic and foreign winter and summer camps, study tours, etc. The seven dimensions, which are “exercise habits”, “health and vitality”, “courage and responsibility”, “confidence and perseverance”, “teamwork”, “broaden horizons” and “social lawfulness”, comprehensively cultivate children and adolescents.
Balanced development of comprehensive quality.

Fei Yue enables children and adolescents at different growth stages to improve their physical fitness and athletic ability, and expand their horizons in the course activities; while harvesting happiness and health, they gradually develop kindness, health, lawfulness, self-confidence, courage and perseverance , collaboration and other excellent quality. We aim to play a positive role in positive guidance for children and adolescents in the developmental stage of personality formation.

Let every child become brighter and grow up happily!


Bright children grow up happily together!


Cultivate bright children with international vision into people with excellent personality and physique


Determinedtoinnovateandgrow together


Through comprehensive and diverse health and physical activities, students can improve their physical fifitness, health awareness and personality quality of themselves and others. Through well-planned outdoor sports, we provide modern, targeted, challenging and enjoyable experience courses for children and adolescents, helping students to strengthen their bodies step by step while being entertained. Gain selfawareness, learn to build and manage satisfying collaborative relationships, encourage and help children develop resilience and perseverance from an early age to learn through physical activity while gaining knowledge and skills about health and physical activity.

To learn to identify emergencies, make decisions and take timely action. Through effective communication before, during and after physical activity, children and adolescents can establish a sense of responsibility for their own and others' behavior. Helping children and adolescents to gradually understand that an individual's healthy lifestyle not only has a profound impact on themselves, but also has important social value to the group they belong to.

Business Introduction


Physical education class at home for 3-15 years old: Coaches will come straight to your doorstep, and you can take physical education class downstairs. Including: children’s physical fitness, school sports, ball sports,
fancy rope skipping, high school entrance examination physical education and other customized sports

Online physical education courses for 3-15 years old: including Chinese and English sports video live courses, online small class sports live, online teaching videos and other online physical education courses. Adolescent outdoor activities: including weekends, holiday activities, parent-child activities, exploration and growth, winter and summer camps, international study tours and other outdoor sports for teenagers.

We organize and serve enterprises and units, while also holding various sports events and activities
Interest class
We organize and serve enterprises and units, while also holding various sports events and activities
Online Live PE Classes
Easily exercise and be healthy at home; separated into Chinese and English live PE lessons
PE class at your doorstep
Based on the law of Children’s growth and development, combine children’s nature to integrate sports into games, and help children cultivate exercising habits through sports courses, so that they can achieve an all-rounded physical and mental development
Extra Curriculum
Based on the law of Children’s growth and development, combin children’s nature to integrate sports into games, and help children cultivate exercising habits through sports courses, so that they can achieve an all-rounded physical and mental development

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